Ben Deakin



#OiOi! SOLD OUT OF SOCKS! Sorry! More on order soon....


#Oi Course (Back to basics The must have and go to course to improve your riding from the start!)


"Good relaxed course with Ben, lots of info which need to practice now"

Lawrence Curzon

"Brilliant day out with Ben Deakin showed me lots of new skill which I will testing out on the trails and when racing enduro great day thanks"

Roger Hassan

"Had a great day with instructor Ben. Very informative and useful. I've been riding for years and yet there was still plenty to learn from the professional. Would highly recommend for anyone not already an elite rider!"

Richard Hirst

"I can't recommend this course enough. Applying all the techniques I learnt throughout the day has improved my confidence no end, and I'm certainly riding faster (already nailed a few Strava segments) and smoother. 
Ben breaks everything down and explains things clearly, does a demo and then gives individual feedback as we all run that section. We slowly built up to the gnarly stuff, which was a blast, and I even cleared my first table-top. 
In short, great coach, great day, can't wait to book the next one."

Garth & Michelle Titley

"We had a great day with Ben. He took us through the basics of riding position, braking, cornering, off-camber riding, drop-offs, whoops, berms and so much more. 
Ben was great at spotting our issues and advising how to correct them. The video feedback was particularly useful. So if in doubt - push-out and if you don’t want to die - look at he sky! 
If you are wondering whether to book or not - just do it, you will have a great time and learn lots."



#OiOi Course (Intermediate Rider Looking for more speed around corners or to conquer that fear of getting slightly more air between your bike tires and the floor!)


"Had a great day on the course with Ben,found his coaching easy to understand. Felt like I learnt loads and identified flaws in my technique. Will definitely be booking further courses."

Dan Bright

"A great day’s coaching with Ben at the Forest of Dean. We covered lots of aspects of riding including cornering, jumping, drops (manmade and natural), off camber traversing, and pumping for speed and flow. 
I cleared a double that I would never have even attempted and also gained confidence on drops that would have beaten me previously. The mountain bike coaching course left me with lots to work on to improve my riding further. Thanks :)"


"Great day with Ben at FOD. Went right back to basics and the change in my riding was immediately noticeable. Ben is a great coach and rider and has a really calm, encouraging style. Can’t recommend his coaching highly enough."

David Garvin

"Great coaching from Ben, really clear on technique & patient, allowing you to re try things until you get the concept, practice makes perfect as they say. Quality location at the Forest of Dean, would definitely book again!"


"Had an amazing day at fod today Ben was a great coach ,learnt plenty of new tricks and technics to try out in the coming months highly recommend will be going back for future classes ."


"Ben led a great session at FoD. Aimed it well at the group and ensured everyone was comfortable with what we were doing. He encouraged everyone to push themselves within their limits, whilst teaching us to extend those limits. Great course and great training. I learnt loads and gained confidence."



OiOiOi Course, (Steeper, Larger Gnarlier, Push those boundaries with the correct techniques)


"What a day! Step by step instructions that are easy to follow. Ben's coaching technique is relaxed, fun and delivers the results you want. So before you rush out to buy upgrades for your bike to make you faster, upgrade your skills as they'll last much longer and will improve with time and practice! Great day, well worth the money. Thanks Ben. See you soon for the next course."

Jai Uthup

"Just a quick note to say how good the course was. Progression throughout the day was very well judged- just enough to push me out of my comfort zone whilst still feeling achievable. Ben was brilliant- he got me doing both big drops on GBU and I now know what to practice to move my jumping to the next level."

Robert Woodhouse

"A big thank you to Ben for a great day out, it always surprises me how little i know about some things. By the end of the day I was surviving drops and happily clearing doubles which are things I had not expected to be doing so quickly or easily. 
I also have lots of positive things to work on before my next course. I couldnt have asked for more."

Lee Stainthorp

"Myself and Sam took a progression course that focussed on air, drops and stance, led by Ben Deakin. It was a great day that pushed us out of our comfort zone but not our ability. 
Ben’s demonstration and explanation of technique was easy to understand and implement, each step using the last to firmly support progress throughout the day. 
We left knowing what skills we needed to work on and eager to practice them! Awesome day and learnt so much. If I were weighing this course up against better parts for my bike this would win every time! Thanks Ben!"

Darren Trevan

"Cracking day, knew I needed some help, but got more than I thought possible in a day! Tons to take away and put into practice, cheers Ben."

Sam Jones

"Me and a riding buddy wanted to hone our skills on the more technical side of Mountain Biking such as air time and drops and learn how to attack descents and trails with more efficiency. 
Our coach was Ben and he was excellent explained everything with sound logic and it all made complete sense, the skills we were taught are things that will make a massive difference to my riding. 
By the end of the day I was able to jump correctly and do sections that I would not have even considered before the course such as drop offs and getting air time. Would highly recommend this to any rider of any skill level as it’s worth every penny. Thanks again"

Matt Hitchings

"A cracking day in the Forest of Dean and Ben was an excellent coach. I really enjoyed the whole experience and definitely ended the day feeling like I had learned so much and gained in confidence and mountain bike skills. 
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their riding."